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Flat construction / Selling
and Individual Villas

Thansiya Foundations is a most preferred Flat construction / Selling and Individual Villas & trusted builder company with over 12 years of experience, committed to creating places to live that are precisely designed and cultivate wonderful life experiences, providing inclusiveness, comfort, and a sense of place. Since our inception in 2006, we have promoted different types of apartments / flats in Chennai spanning over hundreds of thousands of square feet.

With a focus on smart and practical construction, we pride ourselves on promoting flats and apartments that meet the highest standards of value and quality.

Loan Service

Home dreams see the light of the day only when it is supported by proper financing.

You need to work with a financial advisor to explore the various opportunities that are available for you to fund your construction project.

Many owners think they can’t qualify for a particular financing option - while indeed they do qualify for them.

They are misguided often. That’s why we have launched this service - to give you all round guidance of getting the loan you need.


NRIs have always been opportunistic in terms of investment avenues and returns. The government regularly comes up with new schemes to attract more and more investments from abroad. Real estate is one of the sectors which always grabs the attention of non-residents.

The Reserve Bank of India has also given permission to all non-residents who possess Indian passports as well as people of Indian origin to put their money in the real estate sector (residential as well as commercial property). The number of NRIs investing in real estate is increasing fast as the value of the rupee is depreciating and real estate offers better returns. A place in the homeland usually gives a sentimental support and sense of security, which is the other reason of investment in real estate by NRIs.

The RBI along with the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) has become lenient in terms of rules and regulations for non-residents who are looking for an investment in real estate. They are not only simplifying the rules but also providing the benefit of repatriation of the capital involved. The government is planning some investment growth activities through their investment promotional council, to create an environment appropriate for non-residents to put money.

How can NRIs invest in real estate?

According to the regulations of FEMA and RBI, an NRI is permitted to make specific investment in real estate.

A NRI is allowed to do the following investments in property :

1. Any immovable property can be purchased by an NRI in India other than any agricultural land, farm house and plantation property.

2. He can get any immovable property as mentioned above by gift from Indian resident, Indian citizen residing outside India or person of Indian origin.

3. Obtain any property by inheritance.

4. He can transfer immovable property to any resident of India by sale.

5. He can transfer any agricultural land, farm house or plantation land to any resident of India by gift.

6. He can also transfer his residential or commercial property by means of gift to any person either residing in India or abroad or person of Indian origin.